We offer a complete tree care service and pride ourselves on leaving gardens immaculate, taking great care to remove all traces of our work. Below are the broad headings which most of our work falls under, if you’re not sure what you need, give us a call.

Tree preservation

If it is a customer’s wish, we work to retain trees wherever possible, whether this be through the use of pruning to reduce weight and sail area, installation of dynamic bracing, or soil amelioration techniques.

Tree removal

Sometimes trees need to be removed, either because they are at too great a risk of failure due to decay or structural defects, or because they are blocking light or have simply outgrown their space.

We are well equipped to fell, dismantle, and remove trees and hedges of any size, and in even the most difficult and awkward situations with delicate structures nearby. Removing large trees in residential situations often requires skilfull dismantle of the large timber piece by piece, rigging and lowering it carefully without any damage to the surrounding environment.

Replacement Planting

We can recommend and source suitable and healthy trees, and plant them in a way that maximises the chances of healthy growth.

Stump Grinding and treatment

Following tree removal we have the equipment and expertise to remove stumps and surface roots, and restore the site afterwards. If you wish to retain the stump without worrying about further growth we can provide safe and environmentally friendly stump treatment using eco-plugs.

Important trees

We are experts in working on trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and those in conservation areas.

We provide assessment and advice on tree health, and can formulate cost-effective long-term management plans to maximise safety, aesthetics, and the environment.


We take great care to preserve, where possible, the valuable habitat that trees can provide in our environment. We can help in the construction of habitat piles and monoliths so that tree removal can be turned into a opportunity for the development of new habitats as well as selecting optimal positions for bat, and bird boxes within managed trees.

Transforming Timber

We are able to mill timber from trees that we have removed or have fallen in storms. Our chainsaw mill allows us to create beautiful boards and slabs in situ without the need for heavy machinery.

Having wood from a loved or specimen tree can provide a lasting momento such as a building, bench, or indoor furniture. For trees of particular value or personal significance, Sam can also craft a spoon as a keepsake.

Cloud pruning and topiary

We are experts at Japanese style cloud pruning (Niwaki) in which careful training and shaping turns trees and shrubs into beautiful natural sculptures. We are also adept at more traditional topiary styles and take pride in producing immaculately clipped results. We can offer advice and management on the formative pruning of trees and shrubs into all manner of shapes and forms

Hedge trimming

The creation of a perfect hedge requires skill and patience and we can manage hedges of all shapes, heights, and sizes. From miniature box parterre, to grand obelisks, and large formal hedges we will leave your hedge as healthy and beautiful as possible, and will clear every fragment from your garden.

Design and Planting schemes

Our extensive knowledge of trees, soil, and habitat means that we can help you create a unique planting scheme that will enable you to enjoy watching your trees grow, knowing that they will will always enhance their surroundings.

Planting and management of young trees

Whether its planting a single standard tree or the creation of an orchard or woodland we make sure to source the best possible trees and saplings. We offer a wealth of advice on species selection and soil preparation to ensure that young trees have the best possible start in your garden. Often trees require careful structural pruning in the early stages of development this is especially the case with fruit trees in order to produce healthy fruit crops.

Dynamic bracing PICUS survey

In order to preserve valuable trees we sometimes have to provide support to weak or structurally compromised limbs in the form of bracing. We use Cobra bracing systems that provide a non invasive system that allows natural movement of the canopy whilst minimising the risk of failure. In order to provide the best possible management strategies we can undertake a PICUS survey of your trees, through the use of sound waves we are able to create a 2D image of the internal structure of a tree in order to assess the presence and extent of decay and make the best possible decision on further management.

Tree population surveys and reports

From detailed inspections of individual garden trees to creating inventories of large tree populations for landowners. We can provide reports that identify any potential issues and risk mitigation strategies.

Arboricultural Impact survey

We can provide detailed surveys in accordance with BS5837:2012 helping you to better understand any potential impacts that proposed developments will have on existing tree populations as well as method statements providing instruction on how best to adhere to industry best practices.

Emergency works, Dangerous Trees and Storm Damage

From the removal of broken branches high in the canopy to the safe dismantling of fallen and hung-up trees we are highly experienced in dealing with storm damage. Reducing the risk of partially failed and dangerous trees causing injury or damage requires the use of specialist techniques and equipment.

Roadside work

We are trained and qualified to carry out works in proximity to roads and highways we are happy to provide all signage and traffic management required in accordance with Chapter 8.

Macrocarpa removal in Weymouth

Ivy Removal on a large Ash in Bruton, Somerset

Beech Removal in Bladen Valley, Dorset

Japanese Cloud Pruning on this Beautiful Yew tree in Almer

Installation of Cobra bracing on a Tulip tree in Barwick near Yeovil

Crane assisted tree removal in Crossways, Dorchester