The Team

Bill Heinrich

Bill is the founder and owner manager of ‘Thomas Lily Tree Care‘. Bill has been fascinated by trees since childhood and has dedicated his life to climbing, and caring for them.

Bill studied arboriculture at Dartington college (’89-’91) and worked for many years developing skills and knowledge before starting his own business in Dorset.

He has been providing management solutions for our local tree population for many years and enjoys being able to provide long term care for many of Dorsets beautiful trees.

He has always put customer satisfaction first and works hard to establish good working relationships with clients. He believes in providing the most up-to-date and environmentally conscious management practices.

Bill enjoys exploring all aspects of arboriculture and staying at the cutting edge of the science of tree care. He has a keen interest in wildlife and discovering the local flora and fauna of Dorset. He is also a qualified LOLER(lifting operations and lowering equipment regulations) inspector ensuring that all our equipment is in top working condition. He is father to three children and helps with the running of an American football team in Dorchester.

Sam Preston

Sam began climbing trees whilst working as a research assistant on an invertebrate study in the jungles of Borneo, he continued climbing trees around the county following his return to Dorset, and decided to move into Arboriculture as a career a few months later.

He has returned to the jungle several times to work as a research assistant, and in 2017 he spent the summer in the cloud forests of Honduras teaching groups of college students rainforest canopy access techniques.

Arboriculture is a challenging career that demands high levels of physical strength, focus, skill, and an understanding of tree biology and the environment. Sam is dedicated to continual improvement in his understanding of tree climbing technology, tree physiology, arboriculture, and the environment.

As a level 3 professional tree inspector, Sam knows the Latin names of all the trees and the diseases and conditions that affect them, and is able to prepare detailed tree inspection reports for a variety of purposes.

His passion for wood extends to carving, and he has developed the craft of making spoons to a high level, spending many hours in the winter evenings carefully shaping bowls and handles from his huge selection of ‘that might make a lovely spoon’ wood collection.